TV Questions

Which plan you choose depends on your personal needs. If lots of recording and multiple screens is important to you then choose our top plan. If watching live TV and occasional recording is for you then choose Silver.

Recording is easy. Simply head to the TV Guide and scroll to the programme you want. Hovering over that programme will show a RED R. Click the R to set a recording. On touch devices click the programme title you want to record and set a recording on the programme info page.

Log in, head to the ‘Recordings’ tab. Any programmes you have recorded to view later will be found here.


We accept debit cards and credit cards. We do NOT accept bank transfers.

In short, no. Occasionally we will run limited time Annual subscription offers (t:365), these will be the only plan on which an annual payment can be made. All other plans are monthly.

No. Our plans are monthly recurring and will auto-renew each month on the same date. However, should you wish to cancel you may do so at any time without penalty.


If this is Live TV then please report via chat so that your Transponder can be checked for a broken channel. If it is recordings that won’t play, or are broken, please note the timestamps at which the file breaks and contact us via a support ticket. Leave the recording in place until we have investigated any errors.

We recommend a minimum 2mbps internet connection for SD channels. For HD channels we would recommend an absolute minimum of 3mbps.

Further FAQs can be found within the chat window prior to starting a chat. If your query still isn't answered then please start a chat.

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We built the transponder platform to give people the freedom and flexibilty to take their favourite tv shows with them no matter where they are in the world, no matter what device they choose to use. We hope you love watching as much as we do.

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